Upgrade Your Brakes on Your Dodge Challenger

If you want to upgrade the brakes on your Dodge Challenger, you can buy a Big brake kit. You can get one with larger rotors for added performance and more surface area. The larger surface area increases heat absorption and radiation away from the brakes. Plus, big brake kits look great on extra-big wheels and tires.

Big brake kit for your Dodge Challenger

If you want to improve the stopping power of your Dodge Challenger, you should get a Big brake kit. AP Racing’s AP Racing Radi-CAL Front Brake Kit includes large 16.1-inch J-Hook rotors, redcalipers, and Goodridge stainless steel brake lines. It also comes with high performance brake pads and complete installation instructions.

Big brake kits provide superior stopping power for Dodge Challenger models with the Hemi R/T and SRT-8 engine types. In competition driving, the calipers, brake pads, and fluid get a serious workout. Not to mention the look, especially when mounted on super-sized wheels and tires.

The Big Brake Kits are available in painted and Glassy finishes. You can also opt for a custom color finish. These kits come with a 12-month warranty. Some models include RCI Race Pads, which offer optimal stopping power in extreme track conditions. You can also choose from NAOC Racing Pads, which are more durable and resistant to abrasion. These racing brake pads also reduce dust and unusual noise.

Unlike stock pads, a Big Brake kit for your Dodge Challenger will bolt right onto your Challenger’s stock calipers. Installation is simple and requires only basic tools. This system is built to order, so expect it to take four to six weeks before you can receive it.

Choosing the right rotor size

If you are replacing the rotors in your Dodge Challenger, there are several things you need to consider. First, you must ensure the rotors are the right size for your car. You need to measure the outside diameter of the rotor, which you can easily do by measuring the edge to edge distance of the rotor. Another important thing to know is the rotor type, as solid and vented rotors are not interchangeable.

Next, choose the type of rotor you want. If you are going for a standard size, you should choose a 320mm rotor. Then, jack up the wheel and tire, and spin it around to view the rotor. You should see the Mopar part number stamped on the raised edge of the rotor.

Installing the kit

If you’re in the market to install new brakes in your Dodge Challenger, you have made the right choice. Brake upgrade kits can improve the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways. The most important factor in choosing the right kit is the fitment and compatibility of the parts. You also need to become familiar with the proper balancing of the brake system, since improper balance can cause dangerous handling issues.

Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger

Before you install the upgrade kit, make sure you know what size rims and calipers are compatible with your Challenger. Some big kits feature larger rotors that may not fit within the factory wheel. If your Challenger is equipped with aftermarket wheels, you can use these instead. If you’re not sure, consult the manufacturer’s specifications of the factory rims to find out if the new brakes will fit.

The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car, and the upgrade kit will make the vehicle perform even better. The new system will provide better braking and cooling capacity, as well as a quicker stopping time. It is important to use the proper tools when installing the big kit to ensure proper alignment.

A big brake system is not difficult to install. Most of them can be installed with minimal tools, although they may require some minor vehicle modifications. Most of these kits come with everything you need for installation, including the calipers, rotors, pads, and related hardware. The big kit is the best choice for those with aggressive wheels.

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