Rear Disc Brake Conversion For Your 2000 Dodge Ram 2500

If you’re in the market for rear disc brake conversion on your 2000 Dodge Ram, there are several options to consider. These systems are essentially bolt-on kits and are made to fit over the wheel studs. The benefit of using an EGR conversion kit is that the new brake rotors slip over them, which makes the installation process much quicker.

2000 Dodge Ram – Easy bolt on kit

For the rear disc brake conversion, there are several options available. Many people prefer to use Dana 80 brake cylinders, as these are easier to install on the truck. You can also opt to use a chevy one ton cylinder, which gets good reviews from users on the web. Choosing a 70″ rear tire isn’t too goofy since most front tires are 69.5″ wide.

2000 Dodge Ram – Easy bolt on kits come with all the parts you need for installation, including the brake calipers and the high grip Disc Pads. The brake conversion takes just a few hours to complete. The best part is that these kits don’t require welding. The installation process usually takes about two to three hours per side.

If you choose to use a rear disc brake kit, there are a few things you need to know. First, you should make sure that you have the correct rear gear. Some trucks come with different rear gears, and a 25 axle means that you’ll have to change gearing to get a functional rear axle. Second, you’ll need to make sure your truck has dually fenders.

Durable stainless steel brake pads

Durable stainless steel brake pads for 2000 Dodge RAM 2500 rear disc brake conversion are made of premium materials, incorporating innovative technologies and improved wear resistance. The pads are designed to perform braking functions with ease, even when the vehicle is fully loaded. Their superior performance also makes them suitable for city driving. And unlike the original pads, they are much longer-lasting than the factory ones.

After removing the old brake pads, you should resurface the rotor. Thin rotors require more power to brake the vehicle than thick pads, and the caliper will have to move further to do so. This may cause vibrations in the steering wheel and brake pedal.

EGR Performance Brakes offers rear disc brake conversion kits for many different 2000 Dodge ram models. These kits offer superior braking performance, better heat control, and longer front brake life.

Easy to install

If you want an easy rear disc brake conversion for your 2000 Dodge Ram 2500, you can purchase an aftermarket unit that will replace your stock brakes. Luckily, there are many options available. You can choose a brake cylinder that is similar to the one found on a gm one ton truck. These brakes should improve stopping power, and can be swapped into the same location as the stock unit.

First, remove the old brake pads. You can turn the steering wheel a bit to increase access. Next, remove the retaining clips. After removing the retaining clips, pivot the caliper and slip the new pads onto the brake caliper. Don’t forget to check the brake fluid level before reinstalling the brake caliper.

Installation instructions

Installing a rear disc brake conversion is very easy if you have a basic understanding of the brake system. First, remove the wheel lug nuts from the vehicle. Then, place the wheel/tire assembly on top of a frame rail or suspension component. This will prevent the vehicle from falling and provide a firm platform for the brake caliper. During the installation, make sure that the vehicle is in park. Also, ensure that the brake fluid reservoir is about half-full. You should check the fluid level while compressing the caliper piston.

2000 Dodge Ram
2000 Dodge Ram

Next, connect the new soft brake lines to the hard brake lines. If your vehicle does not come with these lines, you can purchase them from an automotive parts supplier. For example, if you are installing rear disc brakes on a TJ Wrangler, you will need to purchase Tera part #TL869, which is a slender metal hose(2000 Dodge Ram). You will also need to adjust your parking brake so that the vehicle will not move while in gear.

2000 Dodge Ram! The caliper bracket must be cleaned and lubricated. The brake pads may have metal shims that need to be held in place temporarily. These must be cleaned to avoid any rust buildup. Make sure to lubricate the bracket to avoid noise and poor brake pad performance.

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