Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion

If you’re planning to perform a Dodge Dana 70 disc brake conversion, you’ll probably want to use an aftermarket kit. These kits will usually include the calipers, rotor drum, and hoses you need for the conversion. Some of these kits also include parts for your lift kits.

76-78 Cadillac Eldorado calipers

Using 76-78 Cadillac Eldorado brake calipers to convert your dodge dana 70 to disc brakes is a great way to add a new look to your truck. Since disc brakes were only used on the Eldorado for a short time, this caliper is extremely rare. In order to install it, you’ll need to open the rotor hole diameter by 3/16″ to allow the calipers to slip over the hubs. (Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion)

Before welding the calliper brackets, you’ll want to mark the position of the rotors and hubs on the axle. It’s best to mount them at the 1’o’clock position to avoid interference from rocks, and it makes it easier to bleed the brakes. Mounting them at the 12 o’clock position means you’ll have to dismount the calliper every time you need to bleed the brakes. Once you’ve marked the position of the calliper brackets, you’re ready to weld them on.

76-78 Cadillac Eldorado rotor drum

When (Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion) you’re ready to make the switch to disc brakes, the best place to start is the rotor drum. Most 76-78 Cadillac Eldorado parts are interchangeable with Dodge Dana 70 disc brake conversion kits. You’ll need to modify the rotor drum to fit the new system. The hole diameter will have to be widened 3/16″ to make sure the rotors slip over the hubs. You can also get ebrake calipers for your conversion.

2006 Dodge Ram 2500
2006 Dodge Ram 2500

Before beginning your conversion, it is important to disassemble your vehicle. This may involve disassembling the axle shaft, which will allow you to access the spindle nuts. Be careful when removing the axle shaft, as it is still attached to the large drums. Using an impact wrench will help you loosen the axle shaft bolts. Make sure to clean off any gear oil before removing the flange of the axle shaft. Once the flange is loose, you can use a hammer to pull it out.

Lift kits and hoses for a dodge dana 70 disc brake conversion

Disc brake conversion kits come with all of the components you need for installing disc brakes. They include 11″ rotors, new single piston Mopar calipers, D84 brake pads, hubs, spindles, bearings, and all the hardware necessary to install them. These kits can be bought at any auto parts store and can be installed in five to six hours.

Disc brake conversion kits can be expensive, but are the most cost-effective way to replace drum brakes. The conversion process is quick and easy and all of the parts are included in the kit. The benefits of disc brakes include better stopping power, easier maintenance, and reduced weight. Compared to a standard Dana 70 axle, disc brakes can save a substantial amount of weight.

GM 2000-2004 rotor drum

To install a rotor drum, the first step is to disassemble the old drum and grease the spindle. Then, grease the smaller bearing by working the grease between the bearings, ensuring that all rollers are covered in grease. Once the drum has been removed, install the retaining nut, washer, and grease cap. You may need a rubber mallet to hammer the grease cap down.

You can purchase a drum brake conversion kit that comes with all of the necessary parts. This kit also features a single piston design and includes a flex hose mount designed to bolt underneath the shock. The rotor drum kit is available in a disc brake or e-brake version. Disc brakes are more reliable than drum brakes, and will cost less to maintain. Additionally, disc brakes are lighter than their drum counterparts, which can result in a substantial weight reduction.


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